What is the function of a hydraulic pump?

Pumps supply flow rate, which determines the speed of a cylinder or motor. Pumps do not supply pressure. Pressure is caused by resistance to flow (if there is no load there is no pressure).

What is the major cause of component failures in hydraulic systems?
Oil Contamination. Independent tests have shown that up to 70% of failures in hydraulic systems are caused by contaminated fluid.

Where in a hydraulic system should filters be installed?
For the best protection of hydraulic systems, a pressure line filter and a return line filter are required. A pressure line filter should be installed after the pump and the return line filter just before the fluid returns to the reservoir.

How do I measure a seal?
The Inner Diameter (I.D.), Outer Diameter (O.D.) and height of the seal are the most common ways to measure a seal. You can also take these measurements from the cavity where the seal is located.

What components do I need to build a logsplitter?
Start with the cylinder you want to drive. Select a pump with the appropriate flow and pressure rating to suit the cylinder. Select a motor with enough kW (HP) to drive the pump at the required pressure, and then select a directional valve with an integral relief valve, a reservoir and filter, and hoses and fittings to assemble the power unit.

With cartridge valves, when do I use a steel body and when do I use an aluminium body block?
Most cartridges are available with either aluminium or steel blocks. Common practice is to use aluminium for maximum pressures up to 250 bar, and steel for higher pressures to 400 bar or applications that are high duty cycle.

How do I identify an existing hydraulic pump or motor for replacement or repair?
Hopefully there will be a legible plate or tag with a full ID code of make/model and build data. If not, we need a general description – gear, vane or piston type; the mounting type and dimensions, the shaft type and size, the inlet and outlet port sizes; the dimensions of gears or vane cartridge components to calculate the displacement.
see your cellphone camera and pxt or email us pictures of the unit to help us correctly identify it for you.