At Summit Hydraulic Solutions, we sell leading edge Piston Pump products.

The range is huge and each model offers its own special features lending it toward a particular application.

Call the Summit team to discuss your application and we will guide you in your choice.

Features of Piston Pumps

  • High Performance – higher pressure ratings and input speed capabilities
  • Variable displacement
  • Very good service life
  • Wide variety of control options
  • Traditionally an Axial Piston design, making them contamination intolerant. (Good filtration is a key factor in life expectancy).
  • Piston Pumps have features that other pumps don’t, such as work-related variable response mechanisms.

Variable vs. Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps

Variable Piston Pumps have self-adjusting flow rates, making them energy efficient. They also feature control options.

Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps deliver a constant volume of oil. The absence of control features means a lower cost pump.

Variable Displacement:

  • Maximum continuous pressure up to 345 bar (5000psi)
  • Maximum operating speeds up to 3000rpm
  • Displacements up to 500cm3
  • Quick response to system demands
  • Pressure compensated control
  • Load sensing (flow) control
  • Remote pressure control
  • Optimised port plate for low noise levels
  • Thru-shaft capable
  • English and metric shafts, mounts and ports
  • High strength cast-iron housing for reliable service

Piston Pump Brands Stocked

  • Eaton/Vickers
  • Rexroth
  • Parker
  • Sauer Danfoss


  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Machine Building
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Power Generation – Energy
  • Mining, Metals & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper