Our highly experienced and innovative Design & Applications team will transform your needs and concepts into effective, efficient fluid power solutions.  To your specifications, we will manufacture and supply or install any hydraulic component or asset you require.

Our hydraulic solutions are of a world-class standard, on par with those of large multinational companies.

Recent projects have included the total in-house design and manufacture of an acid-dosing skid for a Mighty River Power site.

We can also provide scheduled/routine maintenance of your new asset.solution-design-and-fabrication-hagglunds-hydraulic-motor-pulp-paper-making

Hagglunds Hydraulic Motor – Pulp & Paper Making

Industry: Pulp & Paper making
Application: Hydraulic Transmission Drive for Drum Washer
Installed Power: 250kW electric motor
Special Features: Hydraulic motor pictured, 1 of 2 on machine, each capable of producing 550kNm torque
Hydraulic drive installed and serviced by Summit


High Torque Low Speed Hydraulic Motor

Industry: Pulp & Paper
Application: Hydraulic Transmission Drive
Plug Screw Conveyor – Speed 0-65 rpm – Torque 0 – 50 kNm
Installed Power: 185kW
Special Features: Motor mounted to driven shaft of feeder
Infinitely variable speed control in forward & reverse rotations
Torque control
Hydraulic System and machine not affected by machine stalling
Compact drive system foot print and almost no civil work required to mount hydraulics


High & Low Pressure Accumulator

Industry: Pulp & Paper making
Application: Diffuser Hydraulics – Valve control, Accumulators (high & low pressure) & Actuator assembly
Fully overhauled by Summit
Includes NDT reports on pressure vessels


Hydraulic Power Unit – Stainless Steel Reservoir

Industry: Pulp & Paper making
Application: Nip Relieving System on Rolls
Installed Power: 4kW electric motor
Special Features:  Stainless Steel Reservoir
Servo Proportional valve controls
Nip pressures at both ends of the roll
Pressure Transducer sense oil pressures


High Pressure Chemical Pump

Industry: Dairy – milk Processing
Application: High Pressure Water/Chemical Pump
Installed Power: 37.5 kW electric motor
Special Features: Pump unit designed and built by Summit Hydraulic Solutions Ltd
Electric motor with jacking screw plate to assist alignment
Shaft coupling flexible element can be replaced without the need to remove or adjust the electric motor or pumpsolution-design-and-fabrication-hydraulic-power-unit-timber-processing

Hydraulic Power Unit – Timber Processing

Industry: Timber Processing – Sawmill
Application: Transmission Drives – Infeed Deck for logs
Installed Power: 2x 22kW electric motors
Special Features: Hydraulic tank & base frame reused & reconfigured to accept new pump and motor drives – to reduce project cost to customer.
Infinitely variable pump output flows – Max pressure available 420 bar


Vacuum Truck

Industry: Roading & Transportation
Application: Vacuum Truck Unit
Special Features: Hydraulic system designed, supplied, installed and commission by Summit Hydraulic Solutions.
System included:
Trailer main lift cylinders
Rear door lifting & locking mechanism
Vacuum pump hydraulic drive variable speed
Auxiliary water blaster pump drive


Acid Dosing Pump Unit

Industry: Geothermal Power Generation
Application: Acid Dosing Pump System
Installed Power: 2x 1.5kW
Special Features: Full stainless steel spec to handle acidic media
Designed and constructed by Summit hydraulic Solutions
Dosing pumps German built
Special consideration given to reduce footprint as much as possible due to space constraints


Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod Assembly

Industry: Pulp & Paper
Application: Hydraulic cylinder piston rod
Special Features: Duplex stainless steel construction. All parts made as a single piece – no welds.
Step cushion area machined on retraction end
Seal areas on stainless steel rod – industrial hard chromed, finish ground to final size & polished


Marine Winch

Industry: Materials Handling – Marine & Offshore
Application: hydraulic Winch for mooring control
Installed Power:  22kW
Special Features: 30T hydraulic winch with Band Brake + power unit.
Fully refurbished, tested, painted at Summit Hydraulic Solutions


Hydraulic Pump Overhaul

Industry: Pulp & Paper
Application: Transmission drive for Screw Press
Special Features: Infinitely variable oil flow 0 – 375lpm (at 1500rpm electric motor speeds)
Oil pressure 350 bar max continuous – 420 bar peak pressure
Fully overhauled & tested by Summit Hydraulic Solutions


Head Gate Emergency Control Valve Panel

Industry: Power Generation – hydro
Application: Head Gate Emergency Control System
Installed Power: 20 HP Diesel Engine
Special Features: New stainless steel waterproof enclosure. New stainless steel connections, hose tails and tube installation to tie in with original tubes.
Concentration on simplified valve layout and operation where many operators are expected to use the equipment with minimal special training requirement.


Manufacturing Power Units

Industry: Timber Processing
Application: Timber Treatment Dip Tank
Installed Power: 22kW electric motor
Special Features: Ultra high flows for Dip function
Secondary function includes Tilt Deck operations for drip-dry of product.
Fixed speed operation with soft start of hydraulic Dip functions to reduce ‘hammer’ effect.
Off-line, kidney loop system for continuous oil cleanliness and temperature control.