Whatever your fabrication, service or repaid needs, our comprehensive, state-of-the-art machine shop and service facility can tackle it.

CNC and Manual Lathes

Milling, Grinding, Honing, Welding, Crack Testing, Polishing

Hard Chrome Shaft

Manufacture, Repair, Rechrome, Cylinder Retubes, Recondition, Reseal

Hi-Torque ‘Nut Buster’ and Disassembly Table

  •   No more ‘bash n’ hope’ to remove piston retainer nuts
  •   Up to 50,000 ft. lbs. torque to shift the tightest nut
  •   Retorque retainer nuts to factory specifications
  •   Hydraulic force evenly applied reduces risk of ‘pick-up’
  •   Large capacity stripping and assembly bench
  •   Disassembly Table incorporates high pressure Test Rig for full cylinder performance      evaluation

serv cylinder disassembly

State of the Art Automatic Cylinder Honing

  •   Reclaim scored and damaged cylinder tubes to factory specifications
  •   Hones bore sizes 50mm to 500mm
  •   Set to auto-stroke 200mm to 4 metres (8 metres end-for-end)
  •   Suitable for all cylinders – hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, industrial, marine
  •   Optimum surface finishes achieved every time

Remember, call us once and we will sort it – contact the Summit Hydraulics team and tell us how we can help.